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Posted in African Politics, Culture, Global Africa, Senegal by ruben eberlein on April 24, 2009

108110567Sarabah – Tales from the Flipside of Paradise is the brand new first record of Senegal-born artist Sister Fa (to be released in May by Piranha Musik, read interview here). She lives in Berlin and raps in Wolof, Manding, Jola and French about the life of Senegalese women and soldiers, about Aids, her own experiences, and much more. The twelve songs on her nicely designed CD give us a good idea about the vibrancy of West Africa’s hiphop scene where Western culture and African heritage merge.

In light of strongly hierarchical power relations on all levels of African societies, music offers the youthman and gals dem an opportunity to voice their views. The creative mixtures of hiphop and African musical traditions both are an expression of the political and social ideas of the marginalised and have a strong influence on the attitudes of young people.

Sister Fa is an activist against female genital mutilation as well. At the moment, she tours Senegal once again in order to hear how people cope and if her 2008 campaign against mutilation had any impact. Look forward to see her live on stage in Berlin at the Karneval der Kulturen (31 May) and at a street party in Kreuzberg (27 June) with such great songs as Soldat, Life Am and Poum Poum Paya. The album is good stuff to bridge the time gap until the Yaam beach is finally opening again.

Visit Piranha Musik to order the album. Photo: Piranha, M. Mann

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