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Uganda: Return of the Kings

Posted in African Politics, Culture, Reviews, Uganda by ruben eberlein on November 15, 2013

In 1967, Milton Obote abolished the kingdoms of Uganda. Under Yowery Museveni in 1994, the kings and their royal suite were re-introduced. Raphaela von Weichs wrote a book about the re-establishment of the kingdom Bunyoro-Kitara in the west of Uganda. Read my review of her publication here (pdf) which was published by Welt-Sichten.

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New Wars in Africa

Posted in African Politics by ruben eberlein on November 7, 2013

What is new about the ‘New Wars’ in Africa? In the third part of a small series for Konkret magazine (pdf here), I focus on violent upheavals and long-running wars at the continent, their features and courses. In the end, it is concluded that the confrontations between rebels, warlord troops and the (remnants of the) state can indeed be described as war of gangs, but that this fact should not make us underestimate the importance of ideology.

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Moçambique: Calling the Man with the Suitcase

Posted in African Politics, Mozambique by ruben eberlein on November 1, 2013

mozambique-flagThe anti-communist party Renamo in Moçambique recently terminated the peace accord with the governing party Frelimo. Observers doubt, however, that they are able to translate their war threats into action. Read an English version of my text for the latest Jungle World. (more…)

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