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Terror Without Borders

Posted in African Politics, Cameroon, Chad, Global Africa, Niger, Nigeria by ruben eberlein on December 15, 2015

boko-600x338Here is my latest piece on Boko Haram and its operations in the border region between Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon for Jungle World. The sect is the most deadliest terrorist organisation ahead of the Islamic State. The recent successes of the Nigerian and Cameroon armies in the fight against the jihadists are welcome news, but it takes a decisive shift in development policies vis-à-vis this neglected region in order to defeat Boko Haram.

Boko Haram: Our Job is to Shoot, Slaughter and Kill

Posted in African Politics, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria by ruben eberlein on August 31, 2015

Read my text about the fight against the terrorists of Boko Haram in Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad. Many Nigerians have high hopes that the country’s new president, Mohammadu Buhari, is better prepared to defeat the Islamists than his predecessor Goodluck Jonathan. But while Buhari seeks military aid in the US, there are new damaging allegations by Amnesty International (AI) against the army. According to a report by AI, 7.000 men and boys died in custody between 2010 and 2014. 1.200 people are said to be killed unlawfully by the soldiers. The article was published by Blätter des Informationszentrums 3. Welt. You can download it here as pdf.

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The Stench of Oil in a ‘Republique des Copains’

Posted in African Politics, Chad by ruben eberlein on March 19, 2009

It was supposed to be so different: The World Bank took a lead several years ago on corporate and public responsibility, declaring that Chad’s newly discovered oil wealth will benefit the poor in that Central African country. The Chad-Cameroon Pipeline Project, connecting the oil fields in Doba with the Cameroon coast more than 1000 km away, was the biggest single investment in Africa at the beginning of the 21th century. Six years after the first oil began to flow, the picture is sobering, to say the least. (more…)