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A Case of Ruthless Realpolitik

Posted in African Politics, Eritrea, Global Africa, Sudan by ruben eberlein on June 6, 2016

eritrean-refugees2Germany presses ahead with its cooperation with regimes in the Horn of Africa, among them the Sudan and Eritrea. As investigations by Der Spiegel and TV magazine Report Mainz have shown, the government-sponsored Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) will realise a project aiming at tougher border controls between the Sudan and Eritrea. Doing so, it cooperates with the very same countries that are responsible for displacement and forced migration. Read my comment in Jungle World (pdf here) or use the link to JW’s website).

Book Review: Alex de Waal on the Horn of Africa

Posted in African Politics, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan by ruben eberlein on June 2, 2016

My review of Alex de Waal’s recent book, ‘The Real Politics of the Horn of Africa. Money, War and the Business of Power’ has been published in the June issue of Konkret Magazine. You can download the article (German) here.

Hospitality à la Germany: A Compact With Rogue African Rulers

Posted in African Politics, Eritrea, Global Africa, South Sudan, Sudan by ruben eberlein on August 31, 2015

titel_09-932f1118The new issue of Konkret is dedicated to the German and European debate about immigrants. Several articles focus on how the German government tries to limit the possibilities of refugees to ask for asylum. My own text (pdf here) reports about the so-called Khartoum process. The European Union – and especially Germany as a member of the steering committee – plans to cooperate and close a deal with several rogue states in East Africa including Sudan, South Sudan and Eritrea. These contracts aim to block refugees in their countries by way of training of the police, a “strengthening of government institutions” and the establishment of training centres for migration control.

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Mahmood Mamdani and the Anti-Imperialism of Yesteryear

Posted in African Politics, Culture, Global Africa, Reviews, Sudan by ruben eberlein on August 4, 2009

You can read in this review why I think one can learn more about the Sudan by studying Flint/de Waal or Prunier rather than Mahmood Mamdani’s new book ‘Saviors and Survivors’, which is deeply committed to an antiquated anti-Imperialism of the Cold War era (German only). (more…)

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Derrida in Khartoum – Is the Disintegration of the Sudan Imminent?

Posted in African Politics, Global Africa, Sudan by ruben eberlein on June 25, 2009

konkret709My latest contribution to Konkret (7/09) deals with the intensification of the many conflicts in Africa’s biggest country. Some analysts even go so far as to predict a Somalia scenario any time soon. The warrant of arrest of the ICC for President Omar al-Bashir was supposed to raise the pressure on the Islamists, but some observers doubt that this strategy in fact succeeded. Read some English excerpts of that article here and find the original German version as pdf here. (more…)

Mamdani: Teenage Activists of ‘Save Darfur’ – Child Soldiers of the West

Posted in Global Africa, Sudan by ruben eberlein on May 19, 2009

Once again, Mahmood Mamdani provoked a fervid debate among scholars, activists and other people concerned with politics in Africa. After his controversially discussed comments about Zimbabwe, Mamdani (in his book Saviors and Survivors) accuses the ‘Save Darfur’ campaign in the US to act as the ‘humanitarian face’ of the War on Terror. Read the comments of the Professor at the Columbia University in New York in response to my questions. (more…)