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Central African Republic: Teetering on a Knife’s Edge

Posted in African Politics, Central African Republic by ruben eberlein on May 19, 2015

The conflicts in the Central African Republic that killed thousands and routed hundred thousands of people in 2013/2014 are not yet over. The EU mission, however, left the country with a “mission accomplished”. Until the end of the year, French troops will also withdraw. The general mood within the “international community” is that quick elections will solve the problems of the CAR. Read my text that appeared in the latest issue of Blätter des iz3w (German).


Moçambique: Calling the Man with the Suitcase

Posted in African Politics, Mozambique by ruben eberlein on November 1, 2013

mozambique-flagThe anti-communist party Renamo in Moçambique recently terminated the peace accord with the governing party Frelimo. Observers doubt, however, that they are able to translate their war threats into action. Read an English version of my text for the latest Jungle World. (more…)

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Sierra Leone: They Have no Choice

Posted in Sierra Leone by ruben eberlein on January 3, 2013

My retrospection of the history of Sierra Leone since 1989 was published by Konkret (pdf here) in November 2012 shortly before the general elections in the country. My academic contribution to post-conflict Sierra Leone was distributed in 2006. Find it here as pdf.

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