Africa: Politics and Societies South of the Sahara

Politics in Africa: Violence and Patronage

Posted in African Politics, Global Africa by ruben eberlein on July 10, 2013

Is it true that domination and politics in general work differently in Africa than in Europe or the US? Part one of a series on theory and the everyday life that appeared in the latest issue of Konkret magazine. Find it here as pdf (German). I introduce several concepts that are, in my opinion, useful to understand important developments in African countries, inter alia Bayart’s extraversion, Chabal/Daloz’s instrumentalisation of disorder and Mbembe’s private indirect government.

Armed Groups, Power and Domination: The Dilemma of Violence

Posted in African Politics, Global Africa, Reviews by ruben eberlein on October 4, 2009

lrasoldiersKlaus Schlichte published his book In the Shadow of Violence recently with Campus Verlag. The political scientist provides an ambitious study about the use of violence, questions of legitimacy and the stabilisation of domination by armed groups. He draws on extensive evidence from the fields, a good part of it cumulated by himself and his students. Read my review here. (more…)