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République du Congo: Sassou à Jamais?

Posted in African Politics, Congo Brazzaville by ruben eberlein on April 8, 2016

republique-du-congo-drapeau-animeThe Ninja are back. After disputed elections in Congo (Brazzaville), army checkpoints, police stations and a government building were attacked by armed men on Monday this week. The rulers under President Denis Sassou-Nguesso blame the violence on a militia that was involved in the war in Congo during the 1990. I wrote an article on these developments and the elections for Jungle World. You find it here as html, and you can download the pdf here.

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Elections in Nigeria: Fifth Time Lucky

Posted in African Politics, Nigeria by ruben eberlein on April 9, 2015

For Jungle World, the weekly newspaper from Berlin, I wrote a text about the elections in Nigeria that appeared in its latest issue. It is a summary of the results that brought Muhammadu Buhari into power – after four unsuccessful attempts. I describe the challenges of the new government and report about national and international reactions. Read it here as html or download the pdf of the page here.

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Nigeria: Before the Elections

Posted in African Politics, Nigeria by ruben eberlein on February 27, 2015

nigeriaelectionRead my article about Nigeria’s situation shortly before the elections which have been postponed to end of March. Not only Boko Haram poses a real danger for a smooth election, but also politicians who arm groups of followers and use them as violent enforcers. Will a new (or not so new) leadership have real consequences for Nigerian “democrazy”? I doubt it. However, the time of elections offers young and able men and women for a short time the possibility to earn some Naira extra. You can download a pdf of the text here.

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DR Congo: Kabila Forever

Posted in DR Congo by ruben eberlein on February 6, 2015

Read my text on the recent violent suppression of opposition protests against a suspected postponement of the elections in November 2016. 40 people lost their lifes during the riots in Kinshasa and other cities of the country. The article appeared in Jungle World. You can also download a pdf of the article.

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Zimbabwe: Zanu PF Triumphs in Elections, MDC Alleges Fraud

Posted in African Politics, Zimbabwe by ruben eberlein on August 10, 2013

zimbabwesqFor German media, the situation in Zimbabwe seems perfectly clear: President Robert Mugabe is an “old devil” (Spiegel Online) or a “devilish long-time president” (Stutt-garter Zeitung) who, it is said, ruined the country during his 33 years in power. The development of the country, however, is much more complex than the media suggest. Read my article on Zimbabwe in the latest issue of Jungle World (German, pdf here).

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Perpetrators of Violence in Kenya at Waki’s List: Guess Who’s on it

Posted in African Politics, Kenya by ruben eberlein on July 15, 2009

Last week, Kofi Annan – in his position as the UN’s chief mediator in the aftermath of the violence that has shaken Kenya following the elections of December 2007 – handed a list of alleged perpetrators over to the International Criminal Court. Speculation is rife about who is on that list: Financial Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Minister for Agriculture William Ruto and Najib Balala are said to be some of the 200 people mentioned. Read the executive summary of the report by Philip Waki’s commission, partly published on the web. And find a link to the list of the KNCHR in the comment section. (more…)

‘ANC Needs to Wake Up’ in Light of Election Results, Says Adam Habib

Posted in African Politics, South Africa by ruben eberlein on July 12, 2009

Interview with Adam Habib, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg, on the political prospects after the elections and the formation of a new government in South Africa. He says that the ANC  ‘needs to wake up’ in view of the losses in all provinces but KwaZulu-Natal. (more…)