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Book Review: Foreign Intervention in Africa

Posted in African Politics, Global Africa, Reviews by ruben eberlein on October 29, 2013

The Cold War between the superpowers has been quite a hot affair in Africa. Millions of people lost their lifes. A new book sheds light on this immediate history. Read the English version of my review which appeared in Konkret 11/13.


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A Scary End for Democrazy in Mali

Posted in African Politics, Mali by ruben eberlein on April 26, 2013

Read an English version of my short text on Mali published in the recent edition of Blätter des iz3w here. If you prefer German, download the original article as a pdf. (more…)

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In Guinea Conakry, the Dadis Show Is Over

Posted in African Politics, Guinea-Conakry by ruben eberlein on October 1, 2009

More than 130, perhaps up to 200 Guineans are estimated to have been killed by the army and police in the capital Conakry on 28 September. About 150 women are said to have been raped. They wanted to take part in a protest rally against the intentions by the military under Moussa Dadis Camara to prolong its stay in power after elections planned for early 2010. There are reports that the looting, firing and stealing by ‘security forces’ continues. The Dadis Show in which high-profile political entrepreneurs had to appear on TV and confess their misdeeds finally came to an end.

Scientists in Moral Panic: Debating ‘Mercenary Anthropology’

Posted in African Politics, Culture, Global Africa by ruben eberlein on July 20, 2009

‘There are certain reasons why anthropologists should commit themselves to working with armed forces’, writes Swedish anthropologist Mats Utas in his exclusive text for this blog while discussing the ‘moral panic’ that he says is besetting his research field. Join the debate on the subject! (more…)

Focus on Human Rights Abuses in Eritrea

Posted in African Politics, Eritrea by ruben eberlein on April 17, 2009

The government of Eritrea ‘is turning the country into a giant prison’, said Georgette Gagnon, Africa director at Human Rights Watch, while presenting an extensive report about the political situation in the country. (more…)