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Nneka: Effusing a Message From Warri, Niger Delta, to the World

Posted in African Politics, Culture, Global Africa, Nigeria by ruben eberlein on October 11, 2009

nneka<UK Independent> It’s been four years since Nneka Egbuna emerged from Germany as the gung-ho Nigerian rapper/singer/songwriter with a socio-political bone to pick, and yet she’s still indifferent to fame. “I’m just happy that more than one person listens to me,” shrugs the 27-year-old when asked if she has the desire to break the US now that she’s been recognised by the Mobos as the Best African Act, and Channel O, the premier African music network based in South Africa. “It’s not about being popular. It’s about the love of doing the music. It’s about giving people hope; it’s not about me, it’s not about Nneka herself, it’s about having a voice and it’s about having a message behind the voice.” Full text here. Promo video for Nneka’s latest release here.

Niger Delta: Bomb Attacks and an Amnesty

Posted in African Politics, Global Africa, Nigeria by ruben eberlein on September 24, 2009

After a massive military intervention, the Nigerian central government wants to pacify the oil-producing Niger Delta with an amnesty. This strategy will most likely fail, but nevertheless prepare the ground for the 2011 elections. Read an updated English version of my text published by Konkret 9/09 here or download the original article as pdf. (more…)

Curse of the Black Gold. 50 Years of Oil in the Niger Delta

Posted in African Politics, Culture, Global Africa, Nigeria, Reviews by ruben eberlein on July 1, 2009

oilburnsThis book, released in 2008, gives an extremely deep and easily accessible insight into the conditions that prevail in this oil-producing region. The powerful photos by Ed Kashi succeed to catch the dreadful social and political situation in the South of Nigeria. Several essays by well-established writers look at the issue from diverse perspectives. Read excerpts and see photos of this strongly recommended book here. (more…)

IYC: Why State, Army Officials Want Conflict in Niger Delta to Continue

Posted in African Politics, Nigeria by ruben eberlein on May 31, 2009

udengseradiriIn the wars of Nigeria’s southern, oil-producing region, government officials, military officers and insurgents often act in collaboration with each other in order to extract funds from the undocumented export of oil or from the security budgets. Read an edited transcript of my interview with Udengs Eradiri, Secretary General of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC, Photo), on that subject. (more…)