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Sierra Leone: They Have no Choice

Posted in Sierra Leone by ruben eberlein on January 3, 2013

My retrospection of the history of Sierra Leone since 1989 was published by Konkret (pdf here) in November 2012 shortly before the general elections in the country. My academic contribution to post-conflict Sierra Leone was distributed in 2006. Find it here as pdf.

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The Seven Year Itch: Is it Finally Over in Sierra Leone?

Posted in African Politics, Sierra Leone by ruben eberlein on June 17, 2009

kroobayfreetownIn 2002, Sierra Leone’s regional war officially ended. But deep social, economic and political problems remain. Abuse of power, the drug trade and youth unemployment are considered to be the biggest challenges in Sierra Leone. Three years ago, I finished a paper entitled ‘”We don’t believe in politics, we believe in reality” – Social domination and its perception amongst young people in today’s Sierra Leone’.
You can download it here (112 kb, pdf).

‘It‘s important to tell the story of Sierra Leone’

Posted in African Politics, Culture, Global Africa, Sierra Leone by ruben eberlein on April 9, 2009

Rodney P is one of Britain’s leading rappers. In 2005 he recorded a documentary on Sierra Leone. I talked with him in June 2006 about music and its significance for the West African country. Read the interview here. (more…)