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CAR: UN Soldiers Implicated in Rape and Violence Against Civilians

Posted in African Politics, Central African Republic by ruben eberlein on August 31, 2015

uW7YdmDCAccording to Amnesty International, soldiers of the UN mission Minusca in the Central African Republic (CAR) are implicated in several cases of sexual violence and violence against civilians. Meanwhile, the conflict in the CAR has disappeared from the radar of the international community. Elections are planned for October this year, but hundreds of thousands of people are still displaced, and those responsible for human rights abuses are still at large. I wrote a text for Jungle World about these issues. Find it here as pdf.

Talking Hard on the Dirt Roads of Eastern DR Congo

Posted in African Politics, DR Congo by ruben eberlein on May 5, 2009

At the moment, you can watch three unique Hard Talk programmes on the BBC’s website. For the first time in its history, Stephen Sackur takes that interview format on the road in one of the world’s most war-torn countries, the Democratic Republic of Congo. The programmes will focus on the UN’s peacekeeping efforts, the widespread rape of women in Eastern Congo and the money being funnelled from the country’s mining industry into armed groups.

Afghanistan 2.0? Empire Reluctantly Confronts Somali Badlands

Posted in African Politics, Global Africa, Somalia by ruben eberlein on April 19, 2009

somparl1Some skinny dudes in flip-flops, shorts, or wrap-skirts messing around with an armada of 21th century roboCops: This is more than a good number of media editors and politicians of the Empire can bear. It‘s time to get tough with piracy and hostage-taking in Somalia is the message of the day. Completely missing in this discussion are the historical trajectories responsible for the formation of a huge badlands at the Horn of Africa where warlords, religious extremists and political entrepreneurs hold a people at ransom. A comment. (more…)

15 Years after the Rwandan Genocide: Hutu Power and its Friends

Posted in African Politics, Global Africa, Rwanda by ruben eberlein on April 2, 2009

On Monday, 6 April 2009, 15 years have passed after the launch of the genocide in Rwanda. Commemorations will take place in the Central African country, but also in Berlin and in other cities around the world. Five years ago, I wrote this article about the international dimensions of the mass murders in Rwanda. (more…)