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Shower Head, Madiba and Other Comrades from the Bad Old Days

Posted in African Politics, Culture, Global Africa, South Africa by ruben eberlein on June 10, 2009

zapiroonantisemitismA cultural highlight at the ECAS conference in Leipzig happened to be the vernissage of a cartoon exhibition by Zapiro. South Africa’s ‘funniest philosopher’ (SA Times) opened the show himself and entertained the scientists with eloquent remarks about the different trajectories of people who were once united in their fight against Apartheid. He’s really good in mimicking Madiba. My favourite piece had the headline ‘Mugabe: SADC leaders apply pressure’, the picture shows Bob getting a relieving massage from African leaders (‘A bit lower … Aaah, that’s the spot!’). The one to the left on anti-Semitism isn’t bad too.