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The Islamist Push: Gin & Jihad

Posted in African Politics, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia by ruben eberlein on October 20, 2013

Read my article on the islamist push in East and West Africa in the latest issue of Jungle World or download the pdf of the print issue.

A Scary End for Democrazy in Mali

Posted in African Politics, Mali by ruben eberlein on April 26, 2013

Read an English version of my short text on Mali published in the recent edition of Blätter des iz3w here. If you prefer German, download the original article as a pdf. (more…)

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Mali: The Politics of Patronage and Democrazy

Posted in African Politics, Mali by ruben eberlein on April 19, 2013

A short text of mine on Mali will appear in the next issue of the fine Blätter des Informationszentrums 3. Welt (iz3w), due to be on sale next week. I criticize the view that Mali has been a perfect example of democratization in Africa and rather rate the country as another neo-patrimonial system where a small oligarchy holds power and wealth. The voter turnouts in the last elections (about 35 per cent) speak for themselves when one talks about public enthusiasm for parliamentary democracy. It also shows the completely uninspired approach by the so-called international community which presses for elections soon. For an interesting analysis of the recent conflict with reference to the civil society-industry in Mali visit the webpage of Böll Foundation.

Book Review: African Conflicts and Informal Power (ed. by Mats Utas)

Posted in African Politics, Cote d'Ivoire, DR Congo, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Reviews, Sierra Leone, Uganda by ruben eberlein on April 19, 2013

ImageMy review of the recommendable book “African Conflicts and Informal Power. Big Men and Networks”, edited by Mats Utas of Uppsala’s Nordic Africa Insitute, has been published by Blätter des Informationszentrums 3. Welt (iz3w). Contributors to the five country and five thematic studies include Morten Bøås, Henrik Vigh, Mariam Persson, Maya Mynster Christensen, Karel Arnaut as well as other specialists on African conflicts. Editor Mats – an expert of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Somalia – has his own website; visit it for fresh and first-hand information on those countries as well as Mali, the DRC or Kenya (guest authors post there regularly).

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