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Call Again Later, Protestors in South Africa Are Told

Posted in African Politics, South Africa by ruben eberlein on July 30, 2009

proudlyrsaThe grassroots of the ANC want to remind the government of themselves by way of strikes, protests and riots. The often violent language employed does not come as a surprise to observers of politics in South Africa (pdf of the original German article here). (more…)

Niger Delta Revolts: Kick it Like Professor Utuama

Posted in African Politics, Nigeria by ruben eberlein on May 12, 2009

Countless conferences, seminars and workshops have been devoted in Nigeria over the last three decades in order to find a lasting resolution for the unrest in the oil-producing Niger Delta in the south of the West African country. Now an astonishing straightforward solution has been offered by the Delta State Deputy Governor: Football will do it, he says. (more…)